Since our inception in 2018, Sunstone Digital Tech has worked with clients globally, ranging from small start-ups to non-profits, to large organizations. Being a full-service agency means we can deliver what you need effectively and efficiently using in-house client services. But that’s just the beginning.


Take your promising business idea to the next level through an all-in-one growth solution! 


Running a business in today’s market is not for the faint of heart! It can easily become a minefield that turns your perfect ideas with tons of potential into another failure that no one will remember except for you. For a business owner, your ultimate goal is to grow this establishment that you’ve invested your hard-earned money, time, and energy into, and to turn it into the successful utopia you’ve always dreamed of.

And when you have such a well-planned-out, unique idea, on paper, everything seems like you’re going straight to the land of success... But once you actually get into the nitty-gritty of things, and get your hands dirty with the complications today’s market forces on business owners, you’ll inevitably start second-guessing your decisions.


How can a great idea turn into an expensive nightmare?

Depending on what numbers you’re looking at, you’ll find that anywhere up to 75% of all startups end up failing. It’s easy to write off a lot of these failures as the work of people who didn’t know what they were doing, but things start to get a lot scarier when you start to realize that all of these companies thought they had a brilliant idea at the time. Moreover, in many cases, talented people and experts in their field agreed: investors, coders, designers, experienced executives, and the list goes on. And perhaps the most sobering thought of all is that sometimes they were right— they did have a very good idea; it just didn’t work out!


The sore truth is: a clever idea isn’t the only thing you need to start a successful business. Timing, your team, management, marketing strategies, and a plethora of different factors that decide your business’s fate, and whether it shall take off or join the graveyard of great ideas that once lived.


Here are the top 3 reasons why companies with great potential fail.

The idea is good, but the team isn’t right - No matter how diverse your skill set, no matter how talented you are, if you want to start a company, you’re going to need some backup. However, putting together the makings of a formidable team is a lot more complex than just finding the most talented people you can get for the money, as you need to find a team that works together in harmony to achieve your goals, and be able to communicate correctly throughout it all. We help you find the right professionals for your business and create a functional team that will give it the boost it needs to start turning views into sales.


Great idea, but the market research is misleading - This is one of the biggest fears that any entrepreneur has: they have a very good idea, but it solves a problem that people just don’t have. Are you barking up the wrong tree? The only way to be sure is to study your customers’ needs, wants, and to market your solutions in a powerful, relatable way. Sunstone Digital Tech provides you with the right research tools and measures you need to effectively study your customer base and create a marketing strategy based on that data to maximize your conversion rate.


Not using the right tools to maximize their conversions – Modern technology has enabled businesses to do so much while spending so little time and effort. With our day-to-day lives going completely digital, any business that’s aiming to succeed should be constantly looking to utilize digital solutions in their growth and establishing a powerful online presence that brings them and their customers closer together. That’s where our digital solutions come into play: we create a complete online presence for your brand from scratch and get your name in customers’ faces to grow your visibility, and as a result, increase your sales.



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