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Anyone Can Become An Affiliate

Hosting Companies

Hosting companies benefit the most as majority of their customers are going to need our services.

Bloggers Publishers

As a blogger do not depend on the ad revenue anymore. Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to multiply your earnings.

Print & Graphic Agency

Overflow of projects? Tired of doing all the work? Not equipped to handle large projects or simply want to reduce your costs?

Web Designers & Developers

Overflow of projects? Don’t have the specialized skill to complete aspects of a project? Want to provide more services to your customers?

Entrepreneur Influencers

Leverage your social network and generate another stream of income. Bring value to your network and help others grow.

Business Coaches

Provide more resources to your clients and influence their potential.

Estimate your Monthly Earnings

The more customers you refer, the higher you earn




Estimated Monthly Earnings
  • $1,000$1k
  • $2,000$2k
  • $3,000$3k
  • $4,000$4k
  • $5,000$5,000




Estimated Monthly Earnings
  • $6,000$6k
  • $7,000$7k
  • $8,000$8k
  • $9,000$9k
  • $10,000$10,000




Estimated Monthly Earnings
  • $11,000$11k
  • $12,000$12k
  • $13,000$13k
  • $14,000$14k
  • $15,000$15k

Number of Customers

Earn More…

Motivating you to empower others

Over $15,000? Get $500 bonus

Every additional $10,000 after receive $100 bonus

Build your own affiliate team and earn 2% on your teams sales

Total $ of sales made in a calendar week (Monday – Sunday) for four consecutive weeks to be eligible for bonus

Become an Affiliate in Three Simple Steps

Join the Sunstone Digital affiliate program seamlessly.
Become an affiliate


Sign up for our Sunstone Digital Affiliate account and fill in the required details to access your affiliate panel.


Create affiliate links using our promotional banners and campaigns.


Earn high paying commissions based on the efforts you put into your marketing strategy.

High Ticket Affiliate Program That Guarantees Success

Expert guidance and convenience-focused resources at every stage of your affiliate journey

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Our dedicated affiliate managers walk you through every step of our affiliate program. We will answer any questions you may have.

Affiliate-friendly Tracking System

Our affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days as we make sure all your sales are properly tracked and you receive full pay-out for your efforts.

Learn Affiliate marketing

Our affiliate program equips you with various resources including newsletters, blogs, and benchmark articles.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Access performance reports in your affiliate panel to evaluate the impact and success of your marketing campaigns and affiliate strategies.

Efficient Tracking Sytem

Get customized offers and promotional banners to scale your affiliate marketing efforts

Easy To Sell Services

Sunstone Digital Tech has created websites for 100s of startups and businesses with our uniquely designed packages and strategic approach to building custom and proven user experiences.

Why Promote Sunstone

We are uniquely positioned to offer the best web hosting affiliate program with the highest conversion rates!

All in one shop

All the services an entrepreneur needs to launch and grow their business from development to marketing to assistants.

Uniquely Designed

Unique custom designed web pages and marketing tools built with your brand in mind.

Expert support

Through live chat or a phone consult our experts are around to help strategize and guide you to your earning potential.


Hassle-free purchasing with our custom e-commerce platform providing different packages to suit your business needs.

Frequently Ask Questions

By becoming our affiliate partner, you will revenue by promoting our services to your existing clients or your audience. Sunstone has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses start or expand and we need you to help us grow even further!

When you become our partner, you get to encourage and motivate others like yourself on becoming independent and reach their ultimate potential. You’ll get access to a dashboard to monitor your referral activity and access to Sunstone Digital content to help with your marketing strategy.

The cookie gets stored for 90 days.
Your affiliate commission is paid via (Transfer)Wise on the 15th and 30th of every month if your monthly earnings reach $100 (approved commission). You will receive an email to the email you signed up with to set up and account with Wise and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. In the event Wise is not working, contact us via our live chat to arrange another payment method.
We welcome everyone on our affiliate program, whether you have a website, blog, company, or social media account. You can promote Sunstone Digital by writing articles about our services, paid social ads (expenses paid by the affiliate), social media posts, or sharing your link.
Yes, you can promote Sunstone Digital in any country.
Contact us on our live chat at any time.