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Looking to drive more traffic and more revenue, Mosquito Man partnered with us and achieved high performing powerful results with both SEO and Digital Marketing.

About Project

Located in Windsor, Ontario with offices in Toronto, London along with other major cities across Ontario, Canada.  Voted the #1 2021 pest control company in Windsor, Canada, Mosquito Man has grown from South Western Ontario to dominating in the most populated city in Canada, Toronto.

However as their online presence continues to grow, Mosquito Man will be expanding all throughout Canada with future aspirations of targeting the United States, Africa along with Asia.

With 300+ 5 star reviews and thousands of clients, Mosquito Man continues to lead their industry with superior customer service, industry leading execution from when their customer places an order along with their super hero guarantee which ensures that if the mosquitoes aren`t removed, they will respray or provide a money back guarantee. This model has allowed Mosquito Man to swiftly expand while maintaining quality and their high standards.

Due to their bespoke standards, it’s difficult to beat the Mosquito Man experience.

The challenge

Mosquito Man`s online presence is the lifeblood of their business. Looking to not only survive, but thrive in the online marketplace. Mosquito Man turned to Sunstone Digital Tech in 2018.

Localization is essential for their service based industry, with our Internet marketing gurus at Sunstone Digital, we set out a map to boost everything from website traffic to brand awareness and most importantly conversions!

Impact on Business

Mosquito Man didn’t perform any digital marketing prior to connecting with Sunstone. The concept was to drive sales within a few different aspects, at first we started a combination of phone sales along with search engine optimization in a single city.

During that time Mosquito Man was at $150,000 in annual revenue then blossomed to over 1.2 million dollars in revenue in 2021 with the year still having 3 months left. As Mosquito Mans client went from 900 in 2020 to now over 2,100+ clients ending off the year. After exceeding our quotas 4 years in a row Mosquito Man now has even bigger aspirations for the year 2022 from franchising to not only already dominating the major cities across Canada online in regards to both SEO and local SEO ensuring that they are in the map pack on Google.

Increased by
Quote Form Submissions:
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Working with us, they`ve experienced:

-55% in Cost per click

+1269% increase in revenue

+225% increase in organic quote form

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