By increasing brand recognition in the women's luxury fashion market, Lulus has ignited a flame of high performing ROIs within their Google ads campaign with Sunstone Digital Tech.

About Project

The clothing industry has always been extremely lucrative as consumers purchase more however wearing less these days. Lulus started as a brick and mortar shop then realized earlier that it was far more profitable to move onto a fully automated ecommerce business. Lulus positioned themselves as an affordable luxury clothing brand specifically focused on women's fashion.

They offer a wide range of apparel such as wedding dresses, swimwear, dresses, shorts, shirts, shoes, blazers and much more. This has allowed Lulus to become a one stop shop for shoppers as their wide selection allows you to feel as though you´re walking through a shopping mall, the only difference is that this is 100% online.

The challenge

As you´re aware, the clothing industry is global, especially with the likes of massive marketplaces such as Amazon in which consumers can go to purchase anything they desire including clothes of course. This puts clothing retailers in a difficult situation as the online world is becoming more competitive by the day, much more expensive to market online and of course with the margins being cut into due to marketing costs, fashion brands have to both focus on their online presence and leverage affiliate marketing in order to increase revenue at a lower price. We must run ads to not only get online shoppers directly to the website however we must also increase their affiliate marketers with quality ensuring whatever they post increases sales volume.

Impact on Business

Lulus has been experiencing growth since inception however since partnering with Sunstone they have seen an increase on the average amount of time website visitors spend which has turned into an increase on average order value.

Average Order Value:
Increased by
Time Spent on Website:
Increased by

Working with us, they`ve experienced:

+133% average time spent on website

+91% average order value

Lulus partnered with Sunstone Digital Tech using the following services: