Average order value has almost doubled due to click through rates increasing along with cost per click decreasing has allowed this environmentally sustainable business to experience huge success with Sunstone Digital Tech

About Project

Having a strong business name, since 2010 Chillys has done well to capture the market in the United Kingdom by offering a wide range reusable products such as bottles, coffee cups, food pots and more that keeps food & drinks both hot and cold allowing it to carry it`s name, no pun intended. With the world focused on moving away from single use plastics and migrating more and more towards environmentally sustainable products, Chillys is here for the present and foreseeable future.

The challenge

Single use plastics still dominate the global market in regards to accessibility and of course price. It's essential for Chillys to have a website designed with a strong user experience and user interface as this will help with online conversion in regards to Facebook and Google ads. Running both brand awareness campaigns, educating society on the dangers of single use plastics meanwhile ensuring that our conversion rate is optimal.

Impact on Business

Chillys came to Sunstone as an already established brand who has a niche target market that is growing globally by the day due to climate change. Sunstone really enjoyed this opportunity as the founders have a strong belief that we need to be more sustainable in order for us to enjoy this planet for the foreseeable future. Brand awareness, wholesale & average over value were the targets that Sunstone set in mind in order to boost Chillys global presence.

Average Order Value:
Increased by
Wholesale Clients:
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Working with us, they`ve experienced:

+85% average order value

+187% in wholesale clients

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