Pegboarder has experienced new market acquisition with Sunstone Digital Tech by exploding into the wholesale market along with increasing average order value within their current line of products.

About Project

Pegboarder is a leading USA retailer for pegboard hooks & accessories along with branching into selling custom designed pegboards. They transitioned their brand from Madd Tools to Pegboarder early in 2021. Their main focus has been on manufacturing products (hooks) that don't easily fall out, accessories such as shelves that aren't plastic or easily breakable and pegboards.

They are in a unique position after and continuously having huge success on Amazon as a 7 figure seller, they have now diversified their business model by focusing heavily on Google ads in order to expand outside of the Amazon marketplace in which few businesses successfully achieve at a high level. They are most certainly new to Google ads however far from new to ecommerce as many of their products are on the first page of Amazon if you search for their keywords.

The challenge

The great majority of Pegboarders client base are above the age of 50 which means we have to tackle a few things:

1)      User Experience needs to be simple yet effective

2)      User Interface needs both be clear within the pain points we are targeting within the design along with focusing on the customer service side of the equation via an intelligent personalized live chat system

With customers service being the downfall for both major corporations and small, we must focus on having both a high click through rate which is the first step however then focusing on the conversion rate which blends in between the combination of user experience, user interface, running A/B tests and of course focusing on customer service by guiding the clients into making a decision swiftly. As pegboard hooks alone are only a few dollars, we must ensure that the average order value is at a number that is sustainable based on their margin and profit. We must continue to have industry leaving conversion rates while consistently increasing ad spend along with entering into new markets such as Canada to start as the first country to target outside of the USA.

Impact on Business

Since partnering with Sunstone Digital Tech, Pegboarder sees a low cost per click from website visitors through Google ads, increased  conversion rate and great increase in live chat daily interactions while maximizing their marketing ad spend.

Increased by
Live Chat:
Increased by

Working with us, they`ve experienced:

+211% increase in conversion rate

-54% decrease in cost per click

+375% Live chat increase

Pegboarders goals are shifting on a weekly basis as after successfully converting at a high level on Amazon for years, they have even higher standards from results on Google.

Pegboarder partnered with Sunstone Digital Tech using the following services: